Благодарствена диплома от президентката на Литва

Публикувано на 09.03.2016

На годишното събрание на литовската федерация по парапланеризъм на Риманте Цолова и беше връчена диплома за доброто и представяне на световният и европейският шампионати. Дипломата трябваше да бъде връчена на Риманте лично от президентката на Литва Даля Грибaускайте на среща в президентството Септември 2015. Благодарствена диплома от президентката получи и Цветан Цолов като треньор на Риманте.

Трогнати сме от интереса и подкрепата на литовската президентката за нашият спорт.




Dear Rimante Verbylaite-Tzolova,


Thank You for successfully participating in the International Competitions.


Due to Your commitment and determination Lithuania continues to be seen as a country presenting high standards and worthy competitors in the worldwide sport competitions.


Together we feel stronger and are prouder of our country following your meaningful achievements.


I wish You many more successes in the future, committed fans, generous sponsors and memorable Olympic season.


Belief, determination and success!


Dalia Grybauskaite

President of the Republic of Lithuania




Dear Tzvetan Tzolov,


Thank You for contributing to the great success of Your students!


In your hands, sportsmen and sportswomen reveal their capabilities, spread the word about Lithuania, strengthen our belief in our own capabilities and making us prouder of our country.


You discover the talents of Lithuania, motivate them and help them reach their full potential. Thanks to You, we are famous worldwide for our determination, team spirit and patriotism.


I wish You all the strength in finding talented Lithuanian sportsmen and sportswomen and helping them to reach the top of the podium.


All the best!


Dalia Grybauskaite

President of the Republic of Lithuania